Rob Keplin - Software Engineer

# Forget to sudo before opening file with vim?

Category: Linux Tips

That’s something I often do. Leaving this as a reminder for myself:

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# Building a Chicken Coop

Category: Hobbies

Last May, in the Spring of 2021. My Wife had asked if we could get chickens. I thought it was a great idea. We were at the heat of the COVID pandemic. It not only gave the kids something to do, – looking forward to collecting eggs. But also gave me something to do. It […]

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# AWS – PHP Lambda Function, A Quickstart Guide

Category: AWS PHP

Creating a lambda container image is pretty cool. If you need to run a piece of software that is limited to a certain OS, you can. If you want to write in a certain language, you can. This opens up a list of possibilities. The lead engineer on my team at work had introduced me […]

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# Automatic Deployments With Digital Ocean, GitHub, And Travis CI

Category: DevOps

Learn how to automatically deploy your code using Digital Ocean, GitHub and Travis CI.

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# The Holy Bible – Search And Cross Reference Tool

Category: Projects

A Simple and easy to use Bible Study web application that provides search and cross reference functionality. Quickly look up scriptures and compare translations.

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