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# Building a Chicken Coop

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Last May, in the Spring of 2021. My Wife had asked if we could get chickens. I thought it was a great idea. We were at the heat of the COVID pandemic. It not only gave the kids something to do, – looking forward to collecting eggs. But also gave me something to do.

Baby chicks in my living room

It all started with these baby chickens in my living room. I would recommend creating a coop for them first, but we were anxious.

Since I didn’t have a truck at the time, I rented a U-Haul. This was fun, but also helped convince my wife that I needed a pickup truck.

First we built the frame. I made most of it in my garage, and then pulled it out in pieces to put together. I messed some things up, like putting them brackets on the front roof on the inside instead of the outside. But hey, this was the first time I’d ever build a standing structure. So far it has held up alright.

Next I had screwed on the walls, and laminated the floor. The lamination will hopefully clear out the debris that the chickens make. The door on the side is high enough to scoop on the debris onto a wheelbarrel.

Next, I worked on the roof and run. The run will eventually be enclosed in hardware clothe. And will have a steel roof.

Here are some pictures of the run with hardware clothe and a door.

And lastly, some pictures of the chickens in the coop and run.

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