Rob Keplin - Software Engineer

# The Holy Bible – Open Source REST API

Category: Projects

An Open Source Rest API for viewing and searching scriptures from The Holy Bible. Multiple translations are included: KJV, ASV, NLV, ESV, etc.

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# MySQL: Inner Join vs. Outer Join – What’s the difference?

Category: SQL

In this post, I will give examples that show the difference between INNER and OUTER joins.

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# PHP – Making an HTTP PUT Request Using cURL

Category: PHP

A quick self-reminder of how to make an HTTP PUT request with PHP. The example below creates an Elasticsearch index with a specific mapping. More examples of making HTTP Requests using PHP can be found here.

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# AngularJS – Communicating Between Adjacent Directives

Category: AngularJS

There are common ways to communicate between directives. But sometimes using a service to publish events can make things easier.

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# Remove Password Protection From PDF Using Chrome

Category: Tips

Using these five steps, remove password protection from any PDF. All you need is the Chrome web browser.

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